My vision for Montgomery County is a livable community for families of all ages. 

A livable community is safe and secure. It encourages our young people to stay and raise their own children here. It provides a healthy environment; schools that can accommodate our growing, diverse population; good jobs, with benefits and a livable wage; affordable housing for renters and owners throughout the County; adequate transportation infrastructure that includes both transit and roads; and a balanced approach to development that supports both neighborhoods and businesses. 

I am especially concerned that our older residents be able to enjoy a dignified retirement after they’ve contributed so much to our communities and our economy. Seniors are the fastest growing group in the County and are expected to double in number by 2040. Montgomery County continues to make progress toward becoming a Community for a Lifetime, as envisioned by the Senior Agenda developed by our Commission on Aging and adopted by the Council five years ago, but we must maintain services to vulnerable seniors and make it easier for seniors to age in place by addressing transportation needs, isolation worries, and help with minor tasks. 

I believe my vision is achievable through the closely-related building blocks of Community, Education, Economic Development, and Fiscal Responsibility.