Press Coverage From Last Week's Forum

Last week I participated in a District 1 Forum hosted by the Coalition of Bethesda Area Residents (CBAR), along with many other co-sponsors. This was the first time all of the candidates for District 1 were on the stage together, and it made for a lively debate!


Here's some of the press coverage:

From Seventh State:

Reggie Oldak highlighted her work for Planned Parenthood and the National Women’s Law Center as well as her experience as a tax attorney for the IRS. The latter might not be popular but it leaves her better prepared than most to read budgets and engage on these issues—welcome when many members of the current Council seem unaware of the tax rates their constituents pay or how the tax system operates. She had the most eloquent closing statement and said she wants to see: “less inequality among our residents throughout the county. Local governments need to invest in our priorities and protect our values. We cannot continue on this road of the haves and have nots.”


From Bethesda Beat:

On the development issue, Oldak said she supports construction of new buildings to spur economic growth, but wants it focused near transit. She also promised to work if elected to try to prevent ongoing construction in the area from impacting traffic and pedestrian mobility.

Oldak, Sol Gutierrez, Cook and Osorio are all enrolled in the county’s public campaign financing system. So far, only Oldak has qualified to receive matching funds, according to the county’s February public financing report.

Last week's debate highlighted my wide range of experience and my ability to bring people together to find solutions. I’ve served at all levels of government -- as a tax lawyer at the IRS, as a legislative aide in Annapolis, and as a Chief of Staff at the County Council. I've spent a good part of my career working with nonprofits and advocating for health and economic security for women and families. And as Chair of our local Planned Parenthood, I led a team through financial challenges and major political attacks so that we could keep the doors open to provide health care to thousands of Montgomery County women, men, and teens. That’s the kind of effective leadership I’ll bring to the Council

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