Protect Kids Not Guns

We sent out about a dozen new volunteers to knock on doors yesterday. Yes, in the rain – I’m so thankful for their support and their help.

At one of our first doors, a neighbor had this to say about guns: Raise the minimum age to 21, improve background checks, tighten licensing requirements, outlaw automatic and semi-automatic firearms except for military and law enforcement, improve training of police and other first responders, and enforce protective and gun surrender orders, but DON’T arm teachers.

I agree.

I’m hopeful that change is coming. I’m hopeful that young people across the nation may be able to do what others have not: inspire politicians to reject the influence of the NRA in favor of laws that will control gun ownership and promote gun safety. Here’s where to find more detail about next month’s March for Our Lives. If you can’t join me in DC, here’s a list of other locations.

In the meantime, I recommend you read this opinion piece by Christine Emba in yesterday’s The Washington Post. The headline? “Yes, guns do kill people. That’s what they’re for.”

BlogReggie Oldak