Woman's Democratic Club Presidents Endorse Reggie Oldak, County Council District 1 Candidate



Reggie Oldak, Democrat for County Council District 1, is very proud to announce that she has earned the endorsement of all former (living) presidents of the 60-year-old political powerhouse that is the Woman’s Democratic Club of Montgomery County.

Pictured with Reggie (right) are eight of the 11 former presidents who have endorsed her campaign. From left to right: Anne Healy, Jane Merkin, Dorothy Barthelmes, Carole Brand, Daphne Bloomberg, Roberta Hochberg, Susan Messitte, and Linda Kolko at the organization’s 60th anniversary dinner. (Not pictured:  Rebecca Kahlenberg, Madeleine Sigel, Beth Tomasello)

The Woman’s Democratic Club, formerly known as the Woman’s Suburban Democratic Club, is an activist group of political women and men, including those in the legislature and prominent in state and county government. Founded in 1956 by women who ran Adlai Stevenson’s Bethesda campaign office, the club began its tradition of hosting stellar speakers in 1957 by featuring Eleanor Roosevelt. It is the largest and oldest political club in Maryland.

Reggie is participating in Montgomery County’s new public financing system and has qualified to receive matching funds. She does not accept contributions from developers or PACs. Contributions from individuals are limited to a maximum of $150. To learn more about her campaign and to contribute, go to www.ReggieOldak.com and visit her Facebook Page.


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