Reggie Oldak Becomes First Non-incumbent Council Candidate To Be Eligible For Matching Funds

FOR RELEASE: Sept. 1, 2017

For further information, please contact or 240-292-9186.

Reggie Oldak, Democrat for County Council District 1, announces that she is the first non-incumbent to be certified eligible for matching funds under the new Montgomery County public financing program. 

Because of her deep roots in the community and a large network of supporters, Reggie is able to compete against those who seek out wealthy donors and outside interests, just as the County’s public financing program anticipated. 

“I’m not sitting on the sidelines, and neither should you. Join me! My thanks to the many local residents who have contributed to our campaign. I opted for public financing because I firmly believe that elected officials must work for the public interest rather than benefit private interests.” 

Reggie does not accept contributions from corporations, unions, or PACs. Contributions from individuals are limited to a maximum of $150.

To learn more about her campaign, go to and visit her Facebook Page.


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