The GOP Budget and Tax Reform

Republicans want to pass a tax bill by the end of the year, and they just took a big step in that process today by passing a budget. This means the Senate can pass a tax bill with just 51 votes.

As I tax lawyer, I know that the GOP proposal will be damaging to Montgomery County residents. A big part of that is because of the proposal to eliminate the State and Local Tax(SALT) deduction. The SALT deduction has existed in the federal tax code since the beginning (when the tax code was its simplest), and it ensures that you and I are not taxed twice on our income.

Eliminating this deduction will lead to higher taxes for Marylanders, and will impede Montgomery County's (and Maryland's) ability to invest in infrastructure, fund education, andprovide vital public services.

As the Councilmember for District 1, I won't be afraid to stand up to Washington when I know their proposals will hurt Montgomery County. And as a participant in Montgomery County's public financing program, you know that I will not be beholden corporations or the very wealthy.

BlogReggie Oldak