Fiscal Responsibility


The budget is the Council’s biggest responsibility – a vehicle for setting priorities and investing in those priorities. In order to fund our county’s priorities, Montgomery County must continue to be fiscally healthy. That means preserving our AAA bond rating and not spending beyond our means.

As a tax lawyer, I know no one likes to pay taxes. But when they’re used right, tax revenues benefit everyone in our community. We need to raise significant revenues to meet our needs for new investments and to create jobs. These include investing in infrastructure, providing quality education and job training, and supporting our children and families in meeting their most fundamental needs.

Expanded economic development will create increased good job opportunities and more income taxes coming into County coffers. That means we won’t need to rely exclusively on property taxes – the County won’t be at risk if the housing market faces a downturn, and residents won’t be faced with ever-increasing property taxes to fund the services and schools that are County priorities.