Airplane Noise

My family and I have lived in Tulip Hill for 30 years. We join the thousands of District 1 residents suffering from excessive levels of noise, air pollution, and health and safety risks imposed on our communities by the FAA’s new flight paths and procedures at Reagan National Airport (DCA). Our problems are similar to those of residents near BWI airport and at other airports around the country.

The problems are due in large part to recent FAA decisions to channelize previously dispersed air traffic into narrow flight corridors. The FAA shifted arrival and departure flight paths from the west side of the Potomac River to the east side of the river without first notifying Maryland officials and without conducting environmental analyses. They also allowed arriving flights to descend sooner and fly lower for longer stretches, which increased the noise. More information about the changes can be found in the Council’s Analyst Packet

I’m working with neighbors, elected officials, and other stakeholders to resolve the disruptive and unhealthy effects of these changes. The goal is to return to previous dispersed air traffic plans, not to shift the current problems to another part of our region.

You can help by submitting complaints at, and by joining the Montgomery Quiet Skies Coalition.